GGCNJ Endorsements 2021

For the 2021 election, GGCNJ endorses the following candidates for State Senate, State Legislature, Commissioner, and County Clerk.

Endorsements are based on yes , maybe or no answers to a 10-point pledge (see pages for each endorsement with the answers candidates gave). Candidates must pledge at least 8 of the 10 points including the first point (for County Clerks: the first two) to get our endorsement, and multiple candidates for a given position may receive a GGCNJ endorsement.

Click on the images below for more information about each candidate’s pledges.

Caren Fitzpatrick for LD2 Assembly
Faris Zwirahn for LD16 Assembly
Terrance Stokes for Mercer County Commissioner
Kristin McLaughlin for Mercer County Commissioner
Samuel T. Frisby Sr. for Mercer County Commissioner
Mico Lucide for Atlantic County Clerk