Charles Donnelly – LD20 Assembly Candidate

Candidate information:
Phone number: 9084817433
Party affiliation: Republican Party
Social media:

Date of Birth: 4/29/49
Education: Arts High School
Occupation: Retired 
Public/Party service: Republican Chairman in Union Township, DAV Vice-Commander Chapter 40, Union, Union Township Active Retirees Treasurer.

Position on good government initiatives:

  1. Would you support reforming New Jersey’s Primary electoral ballots to give all candidates an equal chance of being elected? 
    It’s more identifiable for voters 
  2. Would you support measures to increase voter participation (eg. same-day registration, early voting)? 
    Unless better identity is developed, the current system remains.
  3. Would you support placing a nonpartisan commission in charge of the legislative redistricting process?  
    It’s totally lopsided by the party person doing the districting. More balanced!
  4. Would you support ethics reforms that would require broader disclosure on financial information and the release of income taxes by candidates for public office, as a means for regulating campaigns and limiting corruption? 
    Yes, financial disclosure, especially towards incumbents will better identify unknown sources of “How I acquired so much wealth” to voters.
  5. Would you support reinstituting the statewide public advocate and making it a directly elected position? 
    I would prefer an outside firm, independent source, however qualified.
  6. Would you support changing the nominating process for members of Commissions and Boards to have panels of nonpartisan experts nominate candidates, with full public disclosure of the candidates’ credentials, and to have the legislature vote on the nominations? 
    This is definitely needed, for far too long, control of party, dictated separation of which went to who. Also, no dividing of towns!!! 
  7. Do you support public funding of campaigns for all statewide offices, including the legislature? 
    But only for the State Assembly/ Senate/& Gubernatorial. Then, when donations are acquired, that amount donated is returned to the State, from which they received initially, so each Candidate has the funds to get their Campaign out there to the voters.
  8. Do you support making the state legislature full-time and prohibiting simultaneous holding of other paid positions? 
    Why should a person who is currently working at their position, have to give up their careers to hold a high state position. Besides, it’ll cost quite a sum in salary to get anyone to give up their professional work.