Barry Bendar – candidate for Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders

Candidate information:

Phone number: (609) 276-3183
Date of Birth: 07/19/1957
Social media:\BB4OC
Education: BA Political Science, William Paterson College 1979
Occupation: Database Administrator
Party affiliation: Green Party
Public/Party service: Former Democratic Chairman, Lacey Township 2004-2013, Vice Chair of the Green Party of Ocean County


Position on good government initiatives:

  1. Would you support reinstituting the statewide public advocate and making it a directly elected position? Yes. There needs to be an independent advocate for the people of this state to make sure governmental abuse is curbed (as has been missing in the recent past).
  2. Would you support measures to increase voter participation (eg. same-day registration, early voting, vote by mail)? Yes. There must be proper controls with any of the above to insure no voter fraud occurs (which is also presently lacking in the existing system).
  3. Would you support ethics reforms that would require broader disclosure on financial information and the release of income taxes by candidates for public office, as a means for regulating campaigns and limiting corruption? Yes.
  4. Would you support changing the nominating process for members of state-wide Commissions and Boards to have panels of nonpartisan experts nominate candidates, with full public disclosure of the candidates’ credentials, and to have the legislature vote on the nominations? Yes. The Pinelands Commission is a prime example of where this is needed.
  5. Would you support placing a nonpartisan commission in charge of the legislative redistricting process? Yes. The two party system does it’s best to carve up the state to their own benefit. It should be done on behalf of the people, not the parties.
  6. Would you support instituting public funding for all statewide offices, including the legislature? Yes. This is the answer to the “pay to play” issue that was supposed to be taken care of, but wasn’t. I personally believe this should be instituted for elections at every level of Government.
  7. Would you support making the state legislature full-time and prohibiting simultaneous holding of other paid positions? I think the holding of other Government paid positions should be outlawed, but making it full time would lock many people out who wish to continue their careers and serve for one or two terms.
  8. Would you support reforming New Jersey’s Primary electoral ballots to give all candidates an equal chance of being elected? Yes.