Mico Lucide – LD2 Assembly Candidate

Candidate information:

Phone number: 6094028359
Date of Birth: 06/28/1991
Campaign websiteLucideForAssembly.com
Social media: fb.me/LucideForAssembly
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, Concentration in Pre-Law
Occupation: Coordinator of Older Adult Education for the Stockton Center on Successful Aging
Party affiliation: Green Party
Public/Party service: LGBTQ+ Activist, Workers’ Rights Activist, Civic Engagement Advocate, Victim’s Advocate with the Women’s Center


Position on good government initiatives:

  1. Would you support reinstituting the statewide public advocate and making it a directly elected position? Yes. In order for the people’s voices to be heard in our legal system, and for people to be protected through our legal system, an elected Public Advocate is vital.
  2. Would you support measures to increase voter participation (eg. same-day registration, early voting, vote by mail)? Yes. We need automatic voter registration in our state to increase vote participation, as well as more widely available information about early voting and a more secure vote-by-mail process.
  3. Would you support ethics reforms that would require broader disclosure on financial information and the release of income taxes by candidates for public office, as a means for regulating campaigns and limiting corruption? No response given.
  4. Would you support changing the nominating process for members of state-wide Commissions and Boards to have panels of nonpartisan experts nominate candidates, with full public disclosure of the candidates’ credentials, and to have the legislature vote on the nominations? Yes. We have seen it with our own Pinelands Commission here in South Jersey; Politics will corrupt our Boards and Commissions unless we take it out of the hands of the politicians.
  5. Would you support placing a nonpartisan commission in charge of the legislative redistricting process? Yes. We must not allow politicians to be involved in redistricting. I have seen it in my own legislative district, where a city was districted out because of the city having a strong base for one politician’s opponent in an election.
  6. Would you support public funding of campaigns for all statewide offices, including the legislature? Yes. By 2024, we should be funding public elections entirely to reduce corruption, diminish corporate power in our government, and show our citizens that when it comes to campaigns, it’s the work put in that matters, not the money.
  7. Would you support making the state legislature full-time and prohibiting simultaneous holding of other paid positions? Yes. New Jersey already limits dual-holding of positions. I would like to see the Legislature be a full-time role, with a significant portion of that role being focused on service to their district directly, and the remainder in Trenton.
  8. Would you support reforming New Jersey’s Primary electoral ballots to give all candidates an equal chance of being elected? I favor open Primaries with no pre-Primary party endorsements; candidate’s should not have unfair advantage while trying to win over their party. I also support the ability for Primary candidates to run in the General election under a separate listing if they choose, which is currently not an option in New Jersey.
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