Local Candidates

Transparency and an informed public are the best ways to create accountability. Below you can find information about candidates running for local office (mayor, council, school board, etc.) in the 2017 elections, across NJ. Click on a candidate’s name to find additional information that they provided.

The information on this page comes from a survey in which we asked candidates to provide personal and campaign information. We also surveyed candidates about their position on critical good government reforms that we are promoting. Note that many of these reforms are not ones that local office candidates have power or jurisdiction over. Still, we wanted to know (and let you know) candidates’ opinion on these measures. Click on a candidate’s name to read their answers as given in our survey.


If you are a candidate and would like to fill our survey and be included in this page, email info@ggcnj-dec2021.mystagingwebsite.com

Board of EducationBrick School DistrictClayton, Jessica
Board of EducationElizabeth School DistrictCastaneda, Ricky
Board of EducationPrinceton School DistrictBehrend, Beth
Board of EducationPrinceton School DistrictDeutsch, Jessica
Board of EducationPrinceton School DistrictLudmer, Jenny
Board of EducationPrinceton School DistrictRamirez, Julie
Board of EducationPrinceton School DistrictTuck-Ponder, Michele
Board of FreeholdersOcean CountyBendar, Barry
Borough Common CouncilHopewellKennedy, Ryan P.
CouncilMedford, Burlington CountyClark, Kelly
CouncilMedford, Burlington CountyGoldman, Linda
CouncilPrincetonCohen, David
Freeholder at LargeAtlantic CountyTomlinson, Melissa
Township CommitteeCranburyScott, Matthew
Township CommitteeHopewellKuchinski, Kevin
Township CommitteeHopewellRuger, Michael
Township CommitteeMontgomeryJaffer, Sadaf F.